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Work and Inclusion
Diversity, equal opportunities and meritocracy
Attraction and training of young people and professionals
Welfare and work-life balance
Health and safety in the workplace

Fastweb’s people are a key factor for the success of the company and its business. Our mission is to build up a working environment that will successfully attract valuable people and help them to grow - both young people and professionals. A positive, agile and inclusive environment that is open to diversity. The goal is to create an ecosystem in which it is the people and their needs that count, inside and outside the company. In a culture based on trust and respect, each individual develops his or her own potential and together we create extraordinary experiences for our customers.

people work at Fastweb at the end of 2016 (+3% on 2015). Over the last year, there have been more than 100 new hires, 30% of which were young new graduates
employees joined the Smart Working project, which allows them to work away from the office up to four days a month
hours of training provided in the classroom in 2016


Innovative way of working launched by Fastweb in 2014 to adopt a new management philosophy based on flexibility and autonomy in order to improve the private life/work balance. In 2016, the project involved around half of the corporate population. Based on the strength of its own corporate experience, Fastweb also helps client companies to implement similar projects. Read More


There are many benefits for Fastweb people and their families, for instance, healthcare initiatives, such as insurance and medical policies that allow consultations and hospitalisation at reduced rates. Fastweb Welfare also includes many exclusive advantages in the area of Culture and Sport, such as the “Run Happy Crew” training program, which all staff can join with the support of specialised trainers. Read More

Innovation Lab

The Fastweb innovation community is made up of 450 people involved in the proposal, assessment and transformation of innovative ideas into project proposals. Over the course of 2016, the key themes were clouds, crowdfunding and the generation of ideas.