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Work in Fastweb
Prevention campaign in association with LILT
Free cancer-prevention check-ups on company premises
Wellness campaign
Free medical/fitness check-ups on company premises and issue of medical certificate
AVIS Campaign
Blood donation on company premises
Vaccinations on company premises
Free flu vaccination campaign
Work Life Balance
4 days/month
1681 employees
Maam U
Maternity as a Master
Maternity support
Services in the office
Receipt of personal packages in the office
On-line butler
Breakfast and lunch on the patio
Work/life balance
Informative seminars
Run Happy Crew
Team running with free training led by qualified trainers for participation in sports events
Football, rugby and other sports events
Free ticket draw
Culture and Free Time
Theatre, Concerts, Cinema and Trade Fairs
Free ticket draw
School books
Purchase concessions with instalments in your pay packet
Summer and winter campus
Special agreements and concessions with accredited organisations
Vola Alto
Digital competition for employer’s children from 6 to 12 years of age
Discounted local public transport season tickets
Paid in instalments in your pay packet
Car sharing
Special agreements and concessions
Car pooling
Corporate booking tool
Concessions for purchases
Corporate promotions
Free tax advice in the office
Advances on severance indemnity in many cases
Ticket Restaurant luncheon vouchers
Corporate credit cards
Policies for the reimbursement of medical expenses
Free life insurance
Free insurance in the event of permanent disability owing to illness
Work/non-work-related risk insurance